Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Palio Cutter

     After a couple long weeks of waiting, thanks to Canada Customs, I finally recieved my Palio cutter.  Upon opening the nifty pouch it came with, I was shocked by the weight of the cutter.  It looked and felt like regular ABS plastic (which I knew it wasn't) but in hand it felt much more substantial.
     I wasted no time in opening the humidor and grabbing a cigar to test out my new purchase.  The Palio clipped the head of the Hemingway Short Story with ease, an effortless clean cut with no tears to the delicate wrapper.  The perfecto shape of these small cigars doesn't sit well in the ashtray I use, so I put the cutter's second feature to good use.  The body is contoured in such a way where you can rest a cigar on top of it, which is just perfect if you want to keep your stogie out of a communal ashtray or just off the table.
     Do yourself a favor and buy one of these, the somewhat high price had me hesitating at first, but it's worth every penny!

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