Friday, September 3, 2010

BeatingInertia's Protips:

*This is borrowed from the blog http:/, I hope I don't offend the OP, but it needs to be spread around!

Whilst keeping up with all of you, here are some tips to make the blogging experience move faster and also make life easier for me:

1. Remove captcha from your blog comments.  In your Dashboard, go to the Settings tab>>Comments>>Settings>>Show word verification for comments? Select No.  Though captcha deters the unwelcome spammer, it just makes life easier for most of us.

2. Put your blog's web address in your Google profile links.  Also, you can put your blog's web address in your Homepage URL section of your Blogger profile.  When you comment on my blog, I can click on your username and go to your Blogger profile where I can conveniently click on your blog to see what you've been up to and show you some love.

3. If you follow number 2, there's no need to put your blog's web address in each comment.  If you still want to put your blog's web address in your comment, I'm fine with it, but it might piss others off. 

4. When you visit my blog and like what you see, please post a comment.  I have captcha turned off to make it easy.  Those who comment tell me who are the more active supporters/followers.  When I make my daily rounds, I start off by looking at the comments of my most recent posting.

Please spread the word so that we can all be 1337.

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